Wedding Photographer in Virginia | Abigail & Adam

I had a such a nice time working with this beautiful couple! Everything about this day from the amazing details to the wonderful atmosphere was the best.
20130621-IMG_8405-X3 20130621-IMG_8407-X3 20130621-IMG_9004-L20130621-IMG_8424-X3 20130621-IMG_8435-L 20130621-IMG_8445-L20130621-IMG_8546-2-L 20130621-IMG_8537-L 20130621-IMG_8539-L 20130621-IMG_8545-L 20130621-IMG_8533a-L

Total Hipsters you two! LOVE IT!20130621-IMG_8520-L 20130621-IMG_8516a-L 20130621-IMG_8522-L 20130621-IMG_8564-2-L 20130621-IMG_8564-X320130621-IMG_8493-3-L 20130621-IMG_8486-L 20130621-IMG_8496-X3 20130621-IMG_8491a-L 20130621-IMG_8581-L 20130621-IMG_8593-2-L 20130621-IMG_8742-L 20130621-IMG_8737-L 20130621-IMG_8728-2-L20130621-IMG_8769-L 20130621-IMG_8800-L 20130621-IMG_8819-L 20130621-IMG_8912-L 20130622-IMG_8002-L20130621-IMG_9011-L 20130621-IMG_9020-L 20130621-IMG_9023-L 20130621-IMG_9032-L 20130621-IMG_9035-L 20130621-IMG_9037-L 20130622-IMG_7947-L 20130622-IMG_9184-L 20130622-IMG_9193-L20130622-IMG_9299-L 20130622-IMG_9270-L20130622-IMG_9286-L 20130622-IMG_9315-L 20130622-IMG_9318-L 20130622-IMG_9319-3-L 20130622-IMG_9211-2-L 20130621-IMG_8531-2-L

Dress-  Justin Alexander  from Blush Bridal Boutique

Cake- Cupcake Novelties

Flowers- Rachel’s bloomers in Winchester

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