Winchester VA Photographer | US National Arboretum

Yesterday I went with family to the US National Arboretum. We walked through the Azalea collection and it was so peaceful and beautiful. I never knew that they could grow in the shaded areas so well under the large trees. I was most impressed with the Lace-Bark Pine. I had a lot of fun here are some pictures I took.

20130512-IMG_0005-2-L 20130512-IMG_0013-2-L 20130512-IMG_0016-L 20130512-IMG_0022-L 20130512-IMG_0029-2-L 20130512-IMG_0038-L 20130512-IMG_0050-X3 20130512-IMG_0053-L 20130512-IMG_0054-L 20130512-IMG_0064-X3 20130512-IMG_0068-3-X3 20130512-IMG_0069-X3 20130512-IMG_0087-X3 20130512-IMG_0088-X3 20130512-IMG_0090-L 20130512-IMG_0091-L 20130512-IMG_0094-X3 20130512-IMG_0097-X3 20130512-IMG_0108-L20130512-IMG_0049-L 20130512-IMG_0021-X3 20130512-IMG_0076-X3

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