Winchester Va Photographer | Celebrating turning two!

I love my job! Making new friends and watching their little ones grow up. Kaitlyn, you did amazing for having a double ear infection. What a sweetheart.
IMG_0019-L IMG_0055-L IMG_0084-L IMG_0091-LIMG_0043-X3 IMG_0111-L IMG_0150-L IMG_0153-LIMG_0076-X3 IMG_0160-2-L IMG_0162-3-L IMG_0169-2-LIMG_0277-3-X3 IMG_0191-L IMG_0211-L IMG_0217-L IMG_0229-L IMG_0255-L IMG_0271-L IMG_0273-L IMG_0289-L IMG_0417-LIMG_0150-2-L

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